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Wednesday, September 16, 2009 10:19 PM

okay i must hurry up blog and go mug! -.-

erm, really long since i last came here. dun think i will be coming here until probably EOYs, but i have seriously no interest in blogging alr. in fact, i alr dun have any interest in MSN! LOL

but i shant forsake this blog in case i wanna come back here o.o which the probabilty is 0.01, yarh, around dere heh

anw ytd, i found out that no matter how hard i mug now, i might end up with 2.93 AGAIN

:( *sobs

Monday, August 17, 2009 10:54 PM

-.- i never realise that to come to blogger.com, u have to type www in front o.o

LOL anw todays talk and all that was not bad :D and i found out that i have totally no interest in science, maths or humanities o.o i feel lyk studying overseas for erm, the fun of it? but the bigger problem im facing is study wad? its impossible for me to make dance my career so im totally aimless now

ohh and teachers' day coming! even though im not in dance alr, but im still excited and super nervous over the performance D: im sure the juniors r capable of doing a good job but right now, they dun seem motivated, needless to say confident. joyce and me shall hop over on friday and see how they're doing.. JIAYOU DANCE! xD

Monday, August 10, 2009 1:08 PM

D: I blacked out during dance ytd! everything went blur and i cant hear properly -.- not enough blood flowing to my head probably. but it was super scary... we were doing ti tui when it happened, so im like trying to kick my leg but totally feel lyk vomitting :x

LOL but gd thing my blood find their way up after a while :D

afterwards left early for buffet at orchard hotel!

the buffet was super nice :D it was a generous meal, cos dere's abalone, sea cumcumber etc..and its take- all- u- want! haha but everyone is required to wear red :p so it was kinda a funny sight.
wanna post pictures but either my comp or the memory card is screwed D: shall wait for my older sis to tag me at facebook

up is very nice. WATCH or u will regret


Friday, August 07, 2009 8:06 PM



was sososososo fun! for the first time -.-

HAHA really, i think celebrating in classroom is so much better cos u dun have to sit in the hall for an hour and being uninterested in wadever's on stage. o.o okay, i sound critical -.- LOL budden being in class is great cos not only will u get involved, u get high more easily! PLUS u get to see your NE rep (chloe teo) in action :D

another reason why celebrating in class is so much better is evident from how much i start to like Singapore D: HAHA kinda weird rite, i have become so patriotic :D probably cos im NATURALLY OPTIMISTIC so i appreciate being in singapore. dun get why people keep wanting to migrate. i mean i would love to have holidays overseas, but dun think i would wanna stay dere forever. hmmm, maybe tat's an exception for some people like Mr Swee cos he seems more "overseas"

anw sorry huangching and moch! suppose to go out with u all to watch movie and bowl, but didnt had the time that we all can make it o.o probably bowling soon? feel very very guilty cos i just watched harry potter today :x

anw. went SLOW4 outing and I've never had so much fun for very long alr! hahaha i sound deprived

went orchard ATOM and had a food spree. we went around eating peking duck, tako pachi, prata, hakka noodles and this german thingy. OMG jus thinking of it makes me go bonkers!

den, we watched HARRY POTTER. its very very very nice wad, how come so many people said its horrible. probably cos i didnt read the book (i dun lyk to read :x) AND i had gillian beside me to explain some more diffult-to-understand parts. anw its really nice. comparable to ipman :D LOL the funniest part is probably when u look at Jill after the movie. HAHAHA the joke of the day. shant give further details cos u noe, being her fren, i dun wanna embarass her

haha yup the whole outing was nobel-prize standard! totally laughed every second :D

after chloe left to visit her mum, gillian, jill and I went to look for a suitable cafe. took at least half-an-hour for that -.- BUT for jill and me, it was "we reap what we sow" and had a really fruitful catch. poor gillian, she happened to either cannot see or see wrongly D:


Saturday, August 01, 2009 6:25 PM

okay i've lost interest in blogging -.-but i shall still blog whenever i feel lyk. e.g now

ytd had some yr4 SC game :D
after that went for hiphop open class with joyce, eliz, nienan etc. ALOT of pple went! and erm, zhengfeng, joyce & vanessa could do baby freeze :o

ohoh and sumei could do for a while. hmm somehow, she look really elegant when she does it hahaha

haha yup hiphop was fun! the seniors all very patient :D so dun really needa worry if u cant catch the steps, or if u look lyk u r dancing chinese dance -.- plus, no yr4s in the class look really hiphoppy anw :x haha looking forward to joining the next open class again woooo! most prob joining modern dance and hiphop nxt yr? hmmmmmmm



Tuesday, July 21, 2009 9:54 PM

chem test is making me worry o.o sigh, it's do-able. but i did the paper too slowly, thus never read question properly, thus give stupid ans (which shant be elaborated) -.-

YUP anw ytd was racial harmony! i switched from malay costume to chinese costume :D AND the chinese costume belongs to mrs low. she said its bout $100? HAHA COOL rite! i think i look lyk i came out from the yin lou jin fen show (hk drama) xD dun think our class will win since 4F and K seems to own us all D: hah

oh and ytd was wudao. I didnt go wudao cos i dun need to! *sobs* really looking forward to visit them and see how they are doing :p

anw im so into restaurant city at facebook HAHAHA yarh i noe that game is lame. but its fun. Besides, everyone is addicted. sherman, chloe, and JILL! yarh must emphasize on Jill cos im sorta competing with her though it isnt much of a competition cos my restaurant's standard is wayyyy ahead haha

Monday, July 13, 2009 10:09 PM

i had a DE JAVU today

i turned around.

ask chunseng for edmund's maths paper

Chunseng refused to give

but volunteered to check my paper

and i tot [when did chunseng become so nice] HAH

AND IT FEELS LYK IT ALL HAPPENED BEFORE! O.O damn freaky. even the part which i wondered when cs became so nice

Thursday, July 09, 2009 3:48 PM

omg test EVERY lesson today ARGHHH its lyk being caged lyk a da niao-.- but since its over,


haha anw X-trail last sunday was tiring-.- its sth lyk a race which require u to run, climb up stairs,kayak. worse still, i had 7 hours of dance after dat

basically my grp comprises of 4 pple. but from the first few pictures, one person aka gillian is not present cos of u noe wad reason HAH

gasp this was the pagoda chloe and me had to climb up. 7 storeys seems easy yarh. but after running? -.- super tough

i took ages to ask this guy help us take this pic HEHEH Cos i cant find my camera AND deres erm.private stuff in the bag so i cant pour out everything :p

btw, we got into top 10!

9th position out of 25 :D WOOHOOO!!! $100 royal sporting house voucher. GREAT JOB SLOW 4, we rock our socks HAHA

anw im still a fan of adam lambert (:


Monday, June 29, 2009 6:26 PM

much to everyone's envy..


i skipped sch :D

nah i didnt go to H1N1 infected countries. im stucked in spore studying all these while. but really, i must praise our sch for such safety precautions

All started with Mr Yeo. All i did was to sniffle a lil on to my half-soggy tissue paper and he sent me to the infirmatory centre a.k.a the table tennis room -.- DAMN rite, i should have run pass him cos i badly need physics lesson. i seriously wanna go to class okay. but they insist that i have to go home D:

so well , im not spared from my daily morning sinus. mum joked that i will be sent home everyday cos my nose is super sensitive o.o but wahh.. i really didnt get in touch with any students eh (except for my sis, mr yeo, and the nurse who is mdm iliyana).


errr.. my comp's mad. just now it refused to load anything and and now its loading lyk anything WAHAHAHA

OH YA.. and btw i left with chem article critique! CONGRATS TONGS :D

and looks lyk alot of pple is grieving over MJ's death. im not grieving but im sad D: Jill claimed she's the new michael and her song is Jillie Jeans -.-


Wednesday, June 24, 2009 2:54 PM

outing with pri sch frens was fun! went mind cafe, made a lot of noise :D but if i were with chloe and jill, it will be noisier. so yup, noise level still acceptable. HAHA

yup just finish my bio blog entry. how exactly do we grade other grp ah? or is it graded by Mdm Loh o.o will put the URL here after gillian posted so u all can admire heheh

anyway yarh no holiday extension -.- i think i can finish my hw, but as for revision..... eeeeeekkkk i dunno why but im super nervous for EOY alr. my GPA is a low number of 2.93 D: so to get 3.2, i must work hard lyk RACHEL? EDMUND? CLARISAA? HUANG CHING? i will be a maniac by then

just trying to do sth else before i embark on a torturous journey to do my last jianbao. so, i posted a picture! :]